What’s the moral of your story?

The stories we love the most are those we feel connected with. We read them over and over, remember them forever and share them with others — often passing them down for generations. This connection is often due to the underlying moral of the story — the core belief that we take away from it. For example, Pinocchio conveys that “lying makes you look bad” and The Three Little Pigs demonstrate that “hard work pays off.”

The brands we love the most are those who share these types of stories (as opposed to boring and braggadocios auto-biographies). At Small Army, we help brands discover their moral and share it through authentic stories that connect and build relationships with their audiences. And, as with any good relationship, we actively listen, learn and seek to improve.

We encourage you to watch this heartfelt TEDx Talk from our founder, Jeff Freedman, about the moral of the story — and download the Seven Criteria for a Brand Moral.  You may also enjoy some of the stories we’ve created for clients based on their morals.

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