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A Refreshing Perspective

Published on April 7, 2020 Back to blog

The last several weeks have certainly tested all of us in many ways. Staying calm and collected despite the stress, uncertainty and isolation can be difficult. However, while taking a moment to reflect, I noticed that someone in my house was taking very well to this situation. In fact, she seemed happier than ever. 

Who, you ask? Jasmine. Our dog. 

So, I decided to interview her for this blog post, and share it with all of you. (Yes, it’s come to that. I am now having conversations with my dog). As you’ll see, her perspective is refreshing and maybe one that will bring a smile to your face.

Me: Jasmine, first, can you tell our readers about yourself?

Jasmine: Well, I’m a 6-yr old Golden Retriever, but I really don’t like retrieving things. It seems useless to just keep going back and forth for no reason. I most enjoy long walks, nice dinners and just relaxing at home. 

Me:  Thanks. But just to be clear, this interview is for my blog, not a dating site.

Jasmine:  That’s too bad. I haven’t seen my boy friends lately, so an online date would be nice. 

Me: OK. Perhaps we can set up a Zoom call for you. But, overall, you seem in pretty good spirits these days. What’s going on?

Jasmine:  Well, usually I’m home alone for most of the day, which is great for my sleeping routine. But lately, all my humans have been home. They give me a lot of attention and take me for several walks every day. It’s really been nice. 

Me:  Sounds wonderful. 

Jasmine: It is. Except for a few things. I can’t get my spot on the couch anymore. The humans seem to think I’m not supposed to go on it. But, I do it all the time when they’re not home – it’s a great place to wash my muddy paws. And, I really wish they’d let me play gin with them at night. I try to help shuffling the cards, but they don’t seem to like that very much. 

Me: Well, do you know how to play gin?

Jasmine: No. But how difficult can it be? I think you just give everyone cards and keep trading them with until someone yells “Yummy” – which is weird because they’re not eating the cards. 

Me: It’s rummy, not yummy.

Jasmine: Oh. That explains why you and mom are always drinking when you play. Seems more than usual these days. 

Me: Well, maybe it is. But this interview is about you, not me. Any final words for the readers?

Jasmine:  Yes. The reason I’m happy right now is because I’m spending time with the people I love the most. I’m getting lots of exercise. I’m eating well. And, because of all of that, I’m getting a good night’s sleep – and even a few naps in during the day. I recommend others try to do the same. 

Me: Thanks, Jasmine, Great advice. Good chat.

I hope that reading this interview brought as much joy to your day as writing it did for me. Beyond Jasmine’s advice, I recommend taking the time to get out of your comfort zone (in many ways, we’re already there), try new things and explore your creative side. 

As always, thanks for reading, and feel free to share this with others you believe may enjoy it. Please leave any comments, thoughts or feedback here.

Until next time,

Jeff Freedman
CEO/Managing Partner
Small Army | Finn Partners