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Seriously, Facebook?!?!

Published on October 4, 2021 Back to blog
Facebook has been down all day today. Karma?

In early September, my Facebook account was hacked. After it happened, I immediately followed Facebook’s online instructions to secure my account. I used 2-factor authentication to log in, updated my contact info (the hacker had changed it) and added trusted contacts to my profile. Shortly thereafter, my account was hacked again and I followed the same instructions. But the hackers got back in. In my third attempt, I uploaded my Driver’s License to Facebook to confirm my identify. But, once again, the hackers got back in. And I’ve been locked out ever since. All attempts to reclaim my account now lead to a page telling me to get codes from my trusted contacts. But, guess what? The hackers changed or removed them. 

Facebook doesn’t have any customer service. No email. No chat. No phone number. (Well, I found a number, but it plays a message that says “Facebook doesn’t provide phone support.). We even reached out to our Facebook advertising contacts who say they can’t do anything because my personal account wasn’t tied to our advertising account. Seriously, Facebook?!?!

I share this with you today for a few reasons:

  1. Perhaps you can help me reclaim my account. I’m not a daily FB user, but I do miss seeing updates from friends and more importantly would hate to lose 15+ years of photos, posts and comments that provide a sort of diary of my life. If you have any advice, connections or a magic pill that can get me back in, please reach out.
  2. Watch out for potential scams from my account. Aside from a few credit card charges, which I’ve since addressed, I haven’t seen any other malicious behavior on my account. But, if you do get something from me on Facebook, please be careful opening it. (NOTE: If you get an invite from James Oliver Freedman, please accept it. I created an account for our new puppy in hopes I can reconnect with some people through him…)
  3.  Let’s demand customer support from Facebook. A company that makes something like $1 billion per day can afford a customer support center to help and protect its users. If you, or someone you know is in the media, please share this story to help push Facebook in that direction. I know I’m not alone. 
  4.  I really need your support. For the last 10+ years, I’ve gone bald to fight cancer with our annual Be Bold Be Bald! event that we started in honor of our co-founder, Mike Connell, who lost his life to the disease in 2007. Without Facebook, fundraising is very challenging. So, I’m using this post to ask for your support by: (1) Donating/sponsoring me for going bald on 10/21 and (2) Helping me spread the word by posting this to your social media accounts:

On October 21, my friend Jeff Freedman is going bald to fight cancer. Please consider joining him or sponsoring him. Learn more at

While there are many things I love about Facebook (as both a user and advertiser), this recent experience (along with the numerous reports, leaks and allegations about the company) has given me great concern about their integrity, ethics and security. I truly hope that they step up and act like the leader they say they are, and do the right thing (assuming they recover from today’s outage – karma?). In the meantime, let’s all do what we can to push them in that direction.

Jeff Freedman
CEO/Managing Partner
Small Army | Finn Partners