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Thank you, 2020.

Published on November 24, 2020 Back to blog
Thank you, 2020, for giving me more time to spend with my favorite people.

The year, 2020, has certainly given us more than a fair share of trials and tribulations (perhaps the understatement of the year). But, in their midst, we can often lose sight of the positive things that happened. 

I believe that most good and positive momentum in the world is a result of unfortunate experiences. Those experiences, as difficult and challenging as they may be, are often what put the fire in our belly to do something to make a difference. Consider how many non-profit organizations were created by individuals who were impacted by a traumatic experience (including Small Army’s annual Be Bold Be Bald! fundraiser created after losing our co-founder to cancer). Or, on a grander scale, the amplification of the movement for diversity, equality and inclusion stemming from the horrific murders of George Floyd and others.

Negative experiences also enable us to gain appreciation for the things we may otherwise take for granted. New Englanders, for example, have an incredible appreciation for a 70 and sunny day in October after weathering many difficult Winters. 

These experiences can also cause us to have to change our normal routines. But, while change may be difficult, it can cause us to see new perspectives and introduce opportunities that may have otherwise never even been considered. Working from home during this pandemic is just one example which, for many, resulted in a more convenient commute and increased family time.

So, with Thanksgiving just a few days away, I encourage us all to ask ourselves the questions below. Whether you share your responses publicly, or keep them to yourself, I hope that they help you find the silver lining in a year which has been wrought with so many challenges.

  1. What has this year given me the drive to fight and stand up for? Put that fire in your belly to good use.
  2. What has this year caused me to appreciate more? This year has certainly made us more aware of the good things in our life. Take a moment to celebrate them.
  3. What pleasures has 2020 given me that I may not have had before? From spending more time with family to trying/learning new hobbies, take a moment to acknowledge them.

 Sadly, the year has been full of loss for many people – loved ones, jobs, homes and more. And, by no means does this post intend to minimize that. However, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s try to take a moment to celebrate the positive and be thankful for the goodness the year has brought us. And, hopefully, 2021 turns out to be better because of it.

Jeff Freedman
CEO/Managing Partner
Small Army | Finn Partners