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Time to smell the roses (again)

Published on November 9, 2015 Back to blog
Journal Entry about Gratefullness

Years ago, when Small Army’s offices were on Newbury Street, I got in the habit of posting photos from the Boston Public Garden as walked to and from our parking garage under the Boston Common. The posts, each tagged with #smelltheroses, were a daily reminder for me (and the few people who followed me) to be thankful for all the good things in life.

Since moving to Horticultural Hall in 2012, I stopped posting those images. So, a few weeks ago, when this post that compared some of the less positive things in life to the good things that they represent was circulating Facebook, I was reminded to stop and smell the roses again.  

I found it helpful to apply this exercise to the things that sometimes cause me stress and frustration. For your enjoyment (and my personal therapy/sanity), I’ve included my list here.

I am grateful for:

  1. Debating the “small things” with my colleagues
    =  colleagues who are passionate about doing great work
  2. Lice
    = two amazing kids with beautiful hair 
  3. Tough client feedback
    = clients who are comfortable being honest with us
  4. Really harsh New England winters
    = warm Summers and beautiful Falls
  5. Bad customer service
    = the means to buy whatever it was in the first place
  6. Picking up poop
    = a dog that loves me unconditionally 
  7. Always working
    = a job I enjoy, and enough work to keep me and the entire Small Army busy
  8. Attending dance recitals
    See #2
  9. Cooking dinner after a long day of work
    = a beautiful wife who prefers cleaning over cooking 
  10. Long plane rides without much leg room
    = the opportunity to travel and see the world

It feels good to smell the roses. I encourage you to do the same. 

As always, please feel free to share comments here. Together, I’m sure we can create quite a garden of roses.

Have a great day!

Jeff Freedman
CEO/Managing Partner
Small Army | Finn Partners