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A podcast that celebrates companies who are leading with their heart during the COVID-19 epidemic.

In this show, we take a closer look at companies who are going above and beyond to do what’s right for their employees, customers, and community. Tune in as we hear from business leaders who are doing good in the world during this epidemic and how it’s helping them build stronger relationships with people.

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Recent Episodes

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BSC Group

Joining BSC Group as the CEO less than 3 years ago, CEO Sean O’Brien has worked hard to build a culture of inclusivity and understanding. In this episode, Sean shares his perspectives and insight on how to make that happen  – and why it’s so important.  

Hearth Brand

Cruz Companies

Started in 1948 by a talented, courageous, kind and generous Black man in Boston, Cruz Companies has not only been a pillar in the communities it serves, but a role model for others to follow.  Hear the full story from President and CEO, John Cruz, and Director, Justin Cruz, along with their perspectives and insights on the current social climate.

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Proverb Agency

In this powerful interview recorded just days after the horrific killing of George Floyd (and subsequent protests and riots), Proverb Managing Director, Daren Bascome, and Managing Parnter, Chris Needham, share their insights and perspectives on how we move forward and strengthen the momentum for change.  

Hearth Brand


On a mission to help communities be more informed and connected, Soofa installs digital screens with streaming content specific to each neighborhood. As a company largely dependent on ad revenue from local retailers, COVID-19 hit them hard.  But, that didn’t stop them from pursuing their mission.  Listen to this interview with rock-star CEO, Sandra Richter, to hear how they’ve responded.

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Harpoon Brewery

Although beer taps at restaurants, bars and event venues have been shut down, Harpoon Brewery is stepping up in numerous ways to help its employees, customers and the community.  They are a shining example of a brand with a big heart.  Hear the story directly from Harpoon Brewery’s Business Manager, Greg Moon; Brand Manager, Tim Kast; and Event and Sponsorship Supervisor, Nicole Sawyer.

Hearth Brand

Call to Action (C2A) Clothing

For more than 2 years, Jill Palese and her team had been working non-stop to launch their new swimwear line in May 2020.  But then COVID-19 hit, and rather than launching their line, they pivoted to make medical robes for local hospitals. Listen to Jill’s amazing story and learn how you can help out.

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With a global fleet of private aircraft, VistaJet has been helping its customers get to “safe havens” around the world to be with their families during this time.  But, with many one-way flights, they’ve transported more than just their customers. They’ve used the extra “return space” to help those in most need.  Listen to this interview with VistaJet Chief Commercial Officer, Ian Moore, for the full story. 

Hearth Brand


Understanding the importance of relationships (personal and business), Boston-based Alyce helps people build them with gifts that matter.  In this episode, Alyce CEO, Greg Segall, shares the virtues of giving how they are enabling people to do so with ease and impact during this time.

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S/O/S co-founders and co-CEO, Susanna and Robina, are on a mission to ensure that women always have access to quality feminine products. But, COVID19 put their plans on hold.  So, now, they’ve shifted their focus to help those who need the most support – women in healthcare, on the front lines of fighting the virus.  Hear the whole story and learn how you can help. 

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Handel + Haydn Society

This isn’t the first pandemic for the 200+ year-old Handel + Haydn Society. But the way in which they responded to this one is much different than their response to the Spanish Flu. Listen to H+H President, David Snead, as he shares the story of H+H and how they are making fresh Baroque and Classical music available to everyone.

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Bedford Collections

As a business that primarily sells pillows and throws via brick & mortal retailers, Bedford Collection was forced to a halt by COVID-19.  But, CEO Rich Sherman responded with heart – along with masks, throws and other support for those who needed them most. Listen to the whole story here. 

Hearth Brand

HYP Studios

With her hot yoga and pilates business suddenly coming to a close, Debra Goodman, owner of HYP Studios, chose to help. The day after closing her doors (fittingly on Friday the 13th), she opened her heart – and began streaming free classes for people of all ages to enjoy some exercise,  relieve stress and stay healthy. Listen to her full story in this episode.

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Will Dailey, Musician

With all bars/clubs closing down and tour dates cancelled, Will Dailey decided to take his show somewhere else – his shower. Hear about Will’s “Isolation Tour” and how he is helping out-of-work front-line workers at clubs throughout Boston.

Hearth Brand


Ever want to have your own branded beverage?  Well, Eliqs can do that for you.  However, with most of their business driven by custom beverages for parties and events, the COVID-19 crisis has hit them hard.  But rather than closing their doors, they’ve responded with a creative approach to support their partners, their employees and the World Health Organization. Take a listen.

Hearth Brand

Dirty Water Distillery

Based in Plymouth Mass, Dirty Water Distillery makes a range of unique spirits – from bacon vodka to Bogmonster Cranberry Gin. But now, all they’re making is hand sanitizer.  Hundreds of gallons of it – and distributing it for free to hospitals, fire/police departments and anyone else who needs it.  Listen to their story and help spread the goodness.

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