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The Planeteers combined earth, fire, wind, water and heart to summon Captain Planet. Our team combines talent, passion, empathy, inspiration and, perhaps most importantly, heart, to summon relationships for brands. Our skilled marketing strategists, creative geniuses, media gurus, digital experts, project managers and others collaborate to help brands achieve greatness. So before you go down an early 90’s cartoon nostalgia hole, meet the people who make up our team below.

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Jeff FreedmanManaging Partner

Jeff Freedman

Jeff entered the world of advertising in 1990, helping clients like Lotus Development Corporation and Hyatt Hotels best spend their multimillion dollar media budgets. In the flood of media, audience and market data that came with those decisions, Jeff recognized opportunities for change. In 1996, he started the interactive division of Boston-based agency CGN to help national brands leverage this ‘new thing called The Web’ as a marketing channel. In 2002, with the support of his loving wife, he and Mike Connell started Small Army to take the lead in a transforming advertising industry. In 2007, following the birth of his two beautiful children (Josh and Julia), and the tragic loss of his business partner to cancer, new life perspectives caused him to start Small Army for a Cause (a 501c3) as a way to give back. Today, Jeff continues to provide perspective and insight to lead Small Army FINN Partners, its clients, his family and the community through never-ending change.

Allison ReillySenior Partner, Relationship Management and Strategy

Allison Reilly

Small agencies, medium agencies, big agencies—Allison Reilly has been there. Project management, relationship cultivation, new business development, advertising research, marketing development, copywriting—Allison is known for wearing many hats.

For Allison, her life story is about three ingredients: Change. Challenge. Growth. She is never comfortable when life gets too easy. Whatever you throw at her, she’ll find a way to figure it out, give it her all, and keep a focused attitude. Her career began working on clients such as John Hancock, AT&T, and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Later, she was a partner in an advertising business fostering accounts such as the Anti-Defamation League and the Boston Convention Exhibition and Convention Center. Throughout her career, she has found that no matter what the client or industry, she is happiest when she is learning and being challenged – an attitude that is integral in helping carve out the most effective strategies and messaging for some of our most notable accounts, such as GE.

With many Tuckerman’s Ravine ski trips, hikes up several of the 4,000+ foot mountains in New England, two Boston Marathons under her belt (one while pregnant), a long marriage to her college sweetheart, and four kids, Allison knows how to make sure her story stays interesting.

Chris EdwardsSenior Partner, Executive Creative Director

Chris Edwards

Chris grew up in Wayland, MA and was voted Most Likely to Get an Ulcer by his high school classmates. He went on to attend Colgate University, where he majored in psychology and minored in keg stands. Naturally, he ended up working in advertising.

Throughout his award-winning career, he’s developed breakthrough work for all sorts of clients. He was the first to turn YouTube content into a TV spot with two guys rapping about McNuggets and is responsible for the earworm, Gimme back that Filet-O-Fish, gimme that fiiiiish (Please don’t hold that one against him). He was also part of the creative team on the anti-Big Tobacco movement Truth, which was recently ranked one of the Top 15 Ad Campaigns of the 21st Century.

Chris currently lives in Boston’s South End, where he has successfully avoided getting ticketed or towed for nine years straight. He believes in the healing powers of yacht rock, that nothing beats a supermarket birthday cake (gold with white buttercream frosting) and that Downton Abbey episodes work just as well as Ambien.

He has yet to develop an ulcer.

Hannah AbelAssociate Channel Planner

Hannah Abel
Originally from the great state of Texas, Hannah moved to Boston right out of college to begin her marketing career at Small Army FINN Partners. She graduated from Texas A&M University in College Station (Gig’Em!) so if the Aggie War Hymn starts playing, don’t be alarmed if she starts dancing and saying ‘Whoop!’ for the rest of the day
When she’s not helping out on media buys or client presentations, Hannah can be found looking through Zillow’s craziest houses, scrolling on TikTok, or making a cafe level cup of coffee at home. Only for her not to finish it…

Diego ArenasPerformance Marketing Specialist

Diego Arenas

Born and raised in Guatemala. Diego has a bachelors degree in marketing from Michigan State (Go Green) and an MBA from Suffolk University (Go Rams).
He started his professional career as an in-house digital marketer for a tech startup, and then shifted into an agency environment when he joined Small Army.
When he’s not working, he’s either playing sports, watching movies, eating out, or traveling!

Sree BalamurugeshDigital Experiences Director

Sree Balamurugesh

Sree is from Chennai, India and has lived in 3 continents, but now a proud Bostonian for 18 years! She can’t survive without her coffee and her passion and support for rowing align with her commitment she brings to any group she gets involved with! With 20+ years of marketing technology experience with range of clients in fintech, healthcare, education and nonprofit, Sree has been at it for a bit. She loves to roll up her sleeves and deep dive into supporting and creating an impactful martech strategy. She is  passionate on building platforms for personalization, and scaling and sophistication of our marketing tech stack to improving engagement, and delivering on ROI through highly effective user experience.


Ashley BlaisPartner, Media & Engagement Strategy

Ashley Blais

Ashley is our VP, of Media & Engagement Strategy. Ashley loves hats. She also loves media buying and planning. And website design. And running. And her dog. But mostly hats. She wears hats on her head, and sometimes even her hats wear hats. Hatters gonna hat.

Nikki D'AmatoMedia Director

Nikki D'Amato
Nikki started out her advertising career straight out of college in NYC, planning local and national TV & radio campaigns for a large retail client. 2 years later in 2018, she moved up to Boston, where she expanded her media wheelhouse to include all things integrated media, planning & activating across traditional, digital, and social for an array of clients in varying industries – retail, men’s hair dye, personal care, food & bev, performance fabrics, and more.
Even though Nikki has been a New England transplant for the better part of the last decade (she attended URI for her bachelor’s degree in marketing, and then moved back up to NE two years later), she is still tied to her New Jersey roots. Nikki is quite the pizza and bagel snob (they’re just better in NJ 😊), and will support the NY Giants over the Patriots in any and every situation.

Meghan DriscollPartner, Production

Meghan Driscoll

This is Meghan. This is Meghan. She likes dogs. She likes dogs. And parrots. And parrots.

Meghan is really good at managing production. Production. And also at running marathons. Marathons. We like Meghan. We like Meghan. And apparently so do parrots. Parrots.

Martha EchanAdministrative Coordinator

Martha Echan

Martha Echan (pronounced EEE-SHahhn, ’cause no one gets it right the first time) is from a little town in upstate New York.

She enjoys going to the Cape, reading, binge watching Netflix, being outdoors, rabbits and Bunny Yoga (but only the bunny part.) You can learn more about her and her bunnies when her Discovery Channel series, Hare Metal airs in late 2018. Hare Metal is a docudrama about her trained rabbits, whom perform daredevil acts to heavy metal music. Tour dates are coming soon.

Isabel FriedmanRelationship Management Supervisor

Isabel Friedman

Isabel grew up just outside of Portland, Maine, and decided to stick around Vacationland for college. While she thought she was destined to be a teacher, it was during her time at Colby College that she discovered the world of marketing and never turned back! She started her career at a small agency in Portland learning the ins and outs of client and business strategy for a broad range of industries, from nonprofits and education to liquor and financial institutions.

Despite loving her work, Maine was feeling a bit too small so she made the trek down I95 to move to Boston in 2019. Since then, she has worked with brands like Burger King, Cigna, and Century 21 before joining the Small Army | Finn Partners team. When not managing relationships she takes advantage of Boston’s walkability and is on a mission to find the best bagel in the city.

Bianca GarciaPartner, Global Digital Media

Bianca Garcia


If you know media, you know Bianca. But do you know all this????? Probably not! Well, buckle your digital seatbelts. We’ve got the inside scoop for you.

  1. Bianca leads our Paid Media Department
  2. She’s responsible for media strategy, planning and buying, and partner relationships
  3. She’s worked at some pretty big agencies on some pretty big brands
  4. She likes lists
  5. She grew up in the Philippines and co-founded BOSFilipinos
  6. She knows sign language
  7. She’s a food blogger and influencer
  8. She was once a cast member on a Canadian TV show
  9. She’s always thinking about dessert and bakes us delicious treats
  10. We have no idea how she does it all.
  11. Liked what you read?


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Eric 'Gordo' GorodetskyACD, Writer

Eric 'Gordo' Gorodetsky
BOSTON (AP) – Advertising guru Eric “Gordo” Gorodetsky passed away early this morning of hypothermia. Gordo, a Senior Copywriter, was attempting to cryogenically freeze himself. His wife discovered him in a bathtub full of ice cubes. The bathtub did not respond to requests for comment.
Gordo joined Small Army FINN Partners after a long stint at Boston-based Sherman, O’Callahan, Baxter, Bennett, Price, Cooper, Green, Shannon, Gannon, Brandon, Hamlin, Freeman, Bryant, Dunn, Fincher, Hernandez, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, D’Mello and Stein Creative.
The writer was born in Washington, D.C. and moved at age 10 months to a small town in Florida, where he developed his contempt for the mundane and expected. Authorities have reopened the decades-long cold case of how a then 10-month-old was able to rent a car and travel nearly 1,000 miles without needing to stop and ask for directions.
Perhaps his most famous campaign, a partnership between Unilever and Peace One Day, involved sending Kendall Jenner into deep space and leaving her there. Jenner’s satellite image in space became a popular t-shirt among internet users, eventually inspiring the now ubiquitous “Space Face” meme.
A few hours before his passing, Gordo posted 37 videos of shaky concert footage to his Instagram Story. The account has since been deactivated for violating the app’s terms and conditions regarding videos nobody cares to see.
The temperature of the ice cubes has not yet been identified.

Camille HueySenior Media Planner

Camille Huey
Camille went to school at UVM and graduated with a degree in Public Communication. Shortly after, she made the move to Boston and started her media career. In her free time, you can find her taking care of her never ending collection of house plants, talking about how much she loves her dog, cheffing it up in her kitchen, or attempting to find Boston’s best concert.
If your green thumb is nonexistent and you’ve been struggling to keep that one plant alive, Camille is your go-to.

George KoukkosCreative Director

George Koukkos

George brings more than 20 years’ experience bringing out the true voice of brands. A writer by trade, he prefers to think of himself as more of a problem solver, doing so for organizations like Dunkin’ Donuts, GE, the Boston Celtics, Flooring America, and Zildjian Cymbals. Recognition for his work includes an Emmy-nomination, as well as salutes from The One Show, The Hatch Awards, and the ADDYs. He was also named one of the top 100 creative influencers in Boston by the Ad Club. Oh, and World’s Best Dad by his children.

Brianna LonerganPartner, Relationships and Strategy

Brianna Lonergan

Work hard. Work harder, dammit. (That’s how the saying goes, right?) Organized chaos, endless cups of black coffee, and constant multitasking define Bri’s ideal ten-hour workday. With a little more PowerPoint involved than Mad Men lets on, the world of advertising suits her character perfectly, and Small Army FINN Partners dedication to unique storytelling and collaborative relationships parallels her own.

Bri has worked with a range of Clients in the industrial technology, healthcare, education, luxury real estate, and software industries to name a few—supporting brand strategy development, simplified messaging, and integrated campaigns. Her passion for discovery in all aspects of life is translated both in her work and personal interests—like traveling, live music, good beer and old-time hockey.

With a positive attitude and a little Irish wit, she’s always up for taking on a challenge. Bri is confident that the best chapters of her own story have yet to be written, but she’s certainly happy with the intro.

Mari MasonRelationship/Social Media Manager

Mari Mason

Mari was born and raised in the greater Boston area, and when it came to deciding where to go to school, she wanted something different and exciting.

So, of course, she ended up in a sleepy town in central Ohio to continue her education. Post-graduation, she moved back to her roots and kick-started her career at Small Army FINN Partners as an intern and then was promoted to Associate Relationship Manager.

Outside of work, you can find Mari on the ski/hiking trails of New England and in the kitchen, ignoring recipes and making up her own as she pleases. *Warning* Since Mari is a night owl, do not talk to her unless she has had her morning latte.

Jordan MuddVideo Editor

Jordan Mudd

Jordan isn’t sure how he got here. One day he was happily journaling, reading sci-fi, and strumming his guitar on the banks of the Charles River, and the next day he woke up in a small, dark, windowless room, filled only with a standing desk, a 27-inch iMac blasting a Lofi JazzHop playlist, and a brief for an animated banner ad due by the end of the day. Upon exporting the completed video, the door behind him unlocked and he emerged to find himself in the Small Army FINN Partner’s office. Once he discovered the cookies in the pantry and just how comfortable the downstairs couch is, he decided to stick around. Since then, he has continued to flex his Premiere and After Effects prowess, and enjoys getting out of the edit suite when he can by taking stretch, walk, dance, and nap breaks.

Shannon NeffArt Director

Shannon Neff

Shannon was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware (Yes, it’s a state. The very first one actually). She escaped the suburbs and attended Boston University, where she graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and Advertising. She loves the beach and warm weather but has decided to give up her collection of 47 bathing suits to move back to Boston to work full-time as an Art Director at Small Army | Finn Partners.

Shannon’s lifelong dream was to be the one less lonely girl at Justin Bieber’s concert. Unfortunately, he is now married, and this dream will never be a reality. Besides being a Belieber, Shannon enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants, skiing, surfing, and thrift shopping. She even dabbled in synchronized swimming during her time at BU. Her newest hobby is flipping furniture, because she aspires to be Joanna Gains, but can’t afford houses. She loves everything bagels and espresso chip ice cream just as much as she hates baked beans and scoop-shaped tortilla chips.

Jameson NoonanAssociate Art Director

Jameson Noonan
Jameson originally grew up in Worcester MA, so be sure not to pronounce it WOR-CHESTER around him. In a Ferris Buellerian attempt to get out of taking high school business classes, he enrolled in graphic design with low expectations before realizing that he actually loved design. He followed his passion to MassArt in Boston, where he studied Communication Design. During his junior year, he took a late night class in advertising and art direction because it meant he could keep a full schedule without having classes on Mondays or Fridays. He had once again accidentally stumbled into his life calling simply by trying to avoid work, and now he works harder than ever because of it.
There are few things he enjoys more than a Dunkin’ hot chocolate, but NBC’s Community, a well designed transit map, and of course his diabetic rescue cat Bonnie all crack the exclusive list. He also has a special place in his heart for spreadsheets, perfectly curated playlists, and watching his favorite hockey team lose 11-0 on a seemingly nightly basis (for some self-destructive reason).

Mario PizzeriMedia Supervisor, PPC

Mario Pizzeri

Mario attended Assumption University in Worcester, MA, close to his hometown of Shrewsbury. After graduation, he moved to West Palm Beach with a couple of friends and began his career in marketing. After spending some time in the sunshine state, he ventured back north and began working on the agency side of things. Mario has worked on a range of clients in the education, technology, healthcare, finance, sports, and real estate industries.

When not at work, Mario can be found on the golf course playing Bruce Springsteen or Avicii over the JBL. He is also a certified nutrition coach and also has his own garden.

Lindsey RosenblattCopywriter

Lindsey Rosenblatt

Originally from Los Angeles, Lindsey Rosenblatt ditched her part-time mermaid lifestyle to experience seasons and eat lobstah rolls. She fell in love with Boston (and advertising) during her time at Boston University and is beginning her career in copywriting at Small Army FINN Partners. When she’s not writing and sipping overpriced iced coffee, you can find Lindsey gawking over the latest restaurants in Boston, baking chocolate chip cookies, skiing the slopes in Colorado, or re-watching New Girl.

Maddi SassoSenior Art Director

Maddi Sasso

AKA “Mad Dog Maddi”
Known for sticking up trains and coaches mostly. But seems to have a particular fancy for art direction & design of late. Last seen sauntering in and around the ol’ Small Army FINN Partners Saloon.

Dan ShapiroVideo Producer

Dan Shapiro

Otherwise known as Danny Shap, Danny Boy, and D-shap Miscellaneous, Dan has traversed many terrains on his journey to becoming Small Army FINN Partner’s Video Producer. After studying Film at McGill University, he set off on a winding hike up Mt. Career-amanjaro, juking through the sub-alpine football forests of the New England Patriots (as a video editor), sauntering up the switchbacks of Staples (as a graphic designer), crossing the rushing river of Healthcare (as a video producer), and meditating for a few years on the overlook of Content Strategy Canyon. Finally, in August of 2021, he reached our doors sweaty, sore, and ready for a new challenge. When not making videos or hiking, Dan can also be found draining three-pointers at the YMCA or writing songs in his home studio.

Max SimonsRelationship Manager

Max Simons

From the town known locally as a sleepy mill community where nothing happens, with a maximum-security prison, Max grew up with an appreciation for a paradox. And with parents who couldn’t have more different jobs — a lawyer-mom and Tye-Dye artist father (yes Tye-Dye artist) — some ask how did all this juxtaposition manifest in Max? Well, he’s positively unsure.

Max is a Mass native who spent 6 years in Philadelphia and returned to Boston to have better access to good seafood (also rumored to be near his family & enjoy his beloved New England fall.) He’s worked with brands including Johnson & Johnson, Bank of America, Hood Dairy, and Gopuff. He’s always thinking about his next bagel and can be found in his free time sitting in Cape Cod traffic.

Amy StaleyPartner, Operations

Amy Staley

Amy has a very “colorful” background, but most recently she spent over 13 years as the Operations Manager for CA-based Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. (MDA), the inventors of Spinning®. With MDA, Amy worked closely with the executive team to develop and manage global marketing efforts; hire and manage a growing staff; participate in the development and coordination of global education material; manage trademark protection and policing; and take out the trash. She even helped open offices in the Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland as the company experienced global expansion. Every day was different—an environment that she loves—as they introduced the products to new customers and emerging markets.

At Small Army FINN Partners, Amy keeps another fast-moving ship above water and heading in the right direction. From finance and human resources, to vendor management and information technology, Amy has her hands involved in everything that keeps the agency moving forward.

In her spare time, Amy loves spending time with her gem of a husband and two terrific kids. She keeps her sanity by running as the sun rises.

Sam SturchioSenior Integrated Producer

Sam Sturchio
Sam grew up in Medfield, MA and after attending Colby College in Maine came back to her roots in the Boston area. Before joining the team at Small Army FINN Partners, she produced photo shoots on both the brand and agency sides and frequently stepped in as a parts model in a pinch – so be on the lookout for her hands and feet across Instagram.
Outside of work, Sam enjoys browsing the pen aisle at Blick Art Materials, picking up her CSA every Tuesday, long hikes, and baking to fuel her sweet tooth. She lives for spring skiing at Sugarloaf, regardless of the conditions.

Katherine SultzerAssociate Integrated Producer

Katherine Sultzer
Katherine grew up on Long Island, New York where she had an endless supply of pizza and bagels (they’re superior in NY). She decided to pack up her bags and head down south where she attended the University of Georgia to enjoy the warmth and college football. Katherine is a die-hard Dawgs fan and is not afraid to bark in your face.
UGA is where she found her passion for all things advertising as she got involved in creating campaigns for her classes and participating in various advertising clubs. She knew she wanted to continue this career path post-graduation so she moved to Boston to start her career at Small Army FINN Partners. I guess you could say her love for Southie movies is what sparked her interest to move to Boston. Aside from her love for the Dawgs, Katherine loves cycle classes, reading, shopping (it’s a serious problem), and traveling to new places!

Joe TocioSenior Media Planner

Joe Tocio

Joe is from just outside of Boston, from the town of Billerica. He ventured to the central Mass area where he attended Worcester State University to begin his marketing education. After college, Joe began utilizing his new-found knowledge at an advertising agency specializing in the education space. He has continued to grow his client experience and has worked in a range of other industries including banking, healthcare, technology, and more.

Outside of work, you can find Joe enjoying the outdoors playing a round of golf or skiing down a mountain in New Hampshire. He is also a huge fan of the show, The Office, so be prepared to hear a reference during almost every conversation you have with him.

Emma WalshRelationship Manager

Emma Walsh

Emma grew up on the Southern coast of Maine, where, from an early age, she started her love affair with the ocean. This made her decision to go to Connecticut College, located in a small coastal town, very easy.

Thanks to a longtime obsession with the movie Goodwill Hunting, Emma decided to ship up to Boston after college. After working at a local non-profit for a year, Emma joined the Small Army FINN Partners team as an Associate Relationship Manager.

On most weekends, you will find Emma roaming around the Museum of Fine Arts (or any museum for that fact), skiing the icy slopes of New Hampshire, or eating pad thai while watching (yes, you guessed it) Goodwill Hunting.

Esther WangRelationship Director

Esther Wang
Esther is an explorer – from all angles. She has lived in multiple cities -– Los Angeles, Shanghai, and now Boston. And, continues to visit many more. Esther loves photographing her adventures, collecting local ceramic pieces, and curating excellent restaurant recommendations from destinations all over the world. But most of all from her travels, she grew a deep appreciation for diverse perspectives and its power to create meaningful work for her clients.
With over eight years of experience in marketing and account services, Esther builds long-lasting relationships and expertise in each client’s business, gathering insights to drive strong results. She’s traveled across many industries from food and beverage CPG to hi-tech to a Fortune 500 insurance company. Her expertise spans creative development and production, brand positioning, media planning, measurement reporting…and skydiving in Cape Town.