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The Planeteers combined earth, fire, wind, water and heart to summon Captain Planet. Our team combines talent, passion, empathy, inspiration and, perhaps most importantly, heart, to summon relationships for brands. Our skilled marketing strategists, creative geniuses, media gurus, digital experts, project managers and others collaborate to help brands achieve greatness. So before you go down an early 90’s cartoon nostalgia hole, meet the people who make up our team below.

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Jeff FreedmanFounder & CEO

Jeff Freedman

Jeff entered the world of advertising in 1990, helping clients like Lotus Development Corporation and Hyatt Hotels best spend their multimillion dollar media budgets. In the flood of media, audience and market data that came with those decisions, Jeff recognized opportunities for change. In 1996, he started the interactive division of Boston-based agency CGN to help national brands leverage this ‘new thing called The Web’ as a marketing channel. In 2002, with the support of his loving wife, he and Mike Connell started Small Army to take the lead in a transforming advertising industry. In 2007, following the birth of his two beautiful children (Josh and Julia), and the tragic loss of his business partner to cancer, new life perspectives caused him to start Small Army for a Cause (a 501c3) as a way to give back. Today, Jeff continues to provide perspective and insight to lead Small Army, its clients, his family and the community through never-ending change.

Allison ReillyEVP, Relationship Management and Strategy

Allison Reilly

Small agencies, medium agencies, big agencies—Allison Reilly has been there. Project management, relationship cultivation, new business development, advertising research, marketing development, copywriting—Allison is known for wearing many hats.

For Allison, her life story is about three ingredients: Change. Challenge. Growth. She is never comfortable when life gets too easy. Whatever you throw at her, she’ll find a way to figure it out, give it her all, and keep a focused attitude. Her career began working on clients such as John Hancock, AT&T, and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Later, she was a partner in an advertising business fostering accounts such as the Anti-Defamation League and the Boston Convention Exhibition and Convention Center. Throughout her career, she has found that no matter what the client or industry, she is happiest when she is learning and being challenged – an attitude that is integral in helping carve out the most effective strategies and messaging for some of Small Army’s most notable accounts, such as GE.

With many Tuckerman’s Ravine ski trips, hikes up several of the 4,000+ foot mountains in New England, two Boston Marathons under her belt (one while pregnant), a long marriage to her college sweetheart, and four kids, Allison knows how to make sure her story stays interesting.

Chris EdwardsExecutive Creative Director

Chris Edwards

Chris grew up in Wayland, MA and was voted Most Likely to Get an Ulcer by his high school classmates. He went on to attend Colgate University, where he majored in psychology and minored in keg stands. Naturally, he ended up working in advertising.

Throughout his award-winning career, he’s developed breakthrough work for all sorts of clients. He was the first to turn YouTube content into a TV spot with two guys rapping about McNuggets and is responsible for the earworm, Gimme back that Filet-O-Fish, gimme that fiiiiish (Please don’t hold that one against him). He was also part of the creative team on the anti-Big Tobacco movement Truth, which was recently ranked one of the Top 15 Ad Campaigns of the 21st Century.

Chris currently lives in Boston’s South End, where he has successfully avoided getting ticketed or towed for nine years straight. He believes in the healing powers of yacht rock, that nothing beats a supermarket birthday cake (gold with white buttercream frosting) and that Downton Abbey episodes work just as well as Ambien.

He has yet to develop an ulcer.

Jeanette BaroneIntegrated Producer

Jeanette Barone

Have you ever met someone so calm and relaxed that it sort of makes you more relaxed? A tangible aura of chill that influences your mood and changes your attitude on life in general. You might think such a thing is not possible in today’s world, but it’s true and does happen every time Jeanette brings her dog LuLu to work. LuLu is the most lackadaisical Labrador you will ever meet. If you come to the office and encounter this relaxed, nonplussed pup also say hi to her owner Jeanette. She, coincidentally, has no chill.

Ashley BlaisVP, Media & Engagement Strategy

Ashley Blais

Ashley is our VP, of Media & Engagement Strategy. Ashley loves hats. She also loves media buying and planning. And website design. And running. And her dog. But mostly hats. She wears hats on her head, and sometimes even her hats wear hats. Hatters gonna hat.

Meghan IngramVP, Production

Meghan Ingram

This is Meghan. This is Meghan. She likes dogs. She likes dogs. And parrots. And parrots.

Meghan is really good at managing production. Production. And also at running marathons. Marathons. We like Meghan. We like Meghan. And apparently so do parrots. Parrots.

Martha EchanAdministrative Coordinator

Martha Echan

Martha Echan (pronounced EEE-SHahhn, ’cause no one gets it right the first time) is from a little town in upstate New York.

She enjoys going to the Cape, reading, binge watching Netflix, being outdoors, rabbits and Bunny Yoga (but only the bunny part.) You can learn more about her and her bunnies when her Discovery Channel series, Hare Metal airs in late 2018. Hare Metal is a docudrama about her trained rabbits, whom perform daredevil acts to heavy metal music. Tour dates are coming soon.

Isabel FriedmanRelationship Manager

Isabel Friedman

Isabel grew up just outside of Portland, Maine, and decided to stick around Vacationland for college. While she thought she was destined to be a teacher, it was during her time at Colby College that she discovered the world of marketing and never turned back! She started her career at a small agency in Portland learning the ins and outs of client and business strategy for a broad range of industries, from nonprofits and education to liquor and financial institutions.

Despite loving her work, Maine was feeling a bit too small so she made the trek down I95 to move to Boston in 2019. Since then, she has worked with brands like Burger King, Cigna, and Century 21 before joining the Small Army team. When not managing relationships she takes advantage of Boston’s walkability and is on a mission to find the best bagel in the city.

Bianca GarciaPartner, Global Digital Media

Bianca Garcia


If you know media, you know Bianca. But do you know all this????? Probably not! Well, buckle your digital seatbelts. We’ve got the inside scoop for you.

  1. Bianca leads our Paid Media Department
  2. She’s responsible for media strategy, planning and buying, and partner relationships
  3. She’s worked at some pretty big agencies on some pretty big brands
  4. She likes lists
  5. She grew up in the Philippines and co-founded BOSFilipinos
  6. She knows sign language
  7. She’s a food blogger and influencer
  8. She was once a cast member on a Canadian TV show
  9. She’s always thinking about dessert and bakes us delicious treats
  10. We have no idea how she does it all.
  11. Liked what you read?


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Eric 'Gordo' GorodetskySenior Copywriter

Eric 'Gordo' Gorodetsky
BOSTON (AP) – Advertising guru Eric “Gordo” Gorodetsky passed away early this morning of hypothermia. Gordo, a Senior Copywriter, was attempting to cryogenically freeze himself. His wife discovered him in a bathtub full of ice cubes. The bathtub did not respond to requests for comment.
Gordo joined Small Army after a long stint at Boston-based Sherman, O’Callahan, Baxter, Bennett, Price, Cooper, Green, Shannon, Gannon, Brandon, Hamlin, Freeman, Bryant, Dunn, Fincher, Hernandez, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, D’Mello and Stein Creative.
The writer was born in Washington, D.C. and moved at age 10 months to a small town in Florida, where he developed his contempt for the mundane and expected. Authorities have reopened the decades-long cold case of how a then 10-month-old was able to rent a car and travel nearly 1,000 miles without needing to stop and ask for directions.
Perhaps his most famous campaign, a partnership between Unilever and Peace One Day, involved sending Kendall Jenner into deep space and leaving her there. Jenner’s satellite image in space became a popular t-shirt among internet users, eventually inspiring the now ubiquitous “Space Face” meme.
A few hours before his passing, Gordo posted 37 videos of shaky concert footage to his Instagram Story. The account has since been deactivated for violating the app’s terms and conditions regarding videos nobody cares to see.
The temperature of the ice cubes has not yet been identified.

Xander HayesSr. Video Editor

Xander Hayes

Xander “the Lil’ Fundamental” Hayes (IF THAT IS HIS REAL NAME) was moved to Boston under protective custody circa 2010. After years of holding his previous position as the Low Post Priest of the Funk Folk – a vegan hippie cult/minor league basketball team from the mountains of North Carolina – he was forced to flee when they learned he was using non-organic dye for his various tie dye ventures. Oh yea, and that basketball… wasn’t made of pleather. Bummer, man.

Since then he’s been hiding out in various video editing suites, recording studios, and other rooms that coincidentally don’t have windows. He periodically ventures out into public, looking for some delicious tacos, or a dope local hip-hop show.

Elaine HeilemannRelationship Director

Elaine Heilemann

In 1993, struggling paleobotanist Elaine Heilemann was invited by a wealthy industrialist to his private island to perform research for his bioengineering company.

Joined by other experts in their own fields–and some random children–she embarked on an adventure like no other. Shortly after arriving to the island a tropical storm took out the islands power. Meanwhile, a rogue employee attempting to steal company tech, shut off all the security measures allowing the companies research to be released. This research consisted of very exotic, very blood thirsty dinosaurs, which posed a great threat to Eliane and the island staff.

Many people lost their lives that day and Eliane, hunted by several velociraptors, barely escaped with her fellow colleagues. In a dues ex machina like no other, a tyrannosaurus appeared from nowhere to battle the two velociraptors before they could strike, thus saving everyone.

Because of the events of this island excursion, Elaine changed careers and moved to Boston. A book and big budget movie was made about her experiences on the island.

Brianna LonerganVP, Relationships and Strategy

Brianna Lonergan

Work hard. Work harder, dammit. (That’s how the saying goes, right?) Organized chaos, endless cups of black coffee, and constant multitasking define Bri’s ideal ten-hour workday. With a little more PowerPoint involved than Mad Men lets on, the world of advertising suits her character perfectly, and Small Army’s dedication to unique storytelling and collaborative relationships parallels her own.

Bri has worked with a range of Clients in the industrial technology, healthcare, education, luxury real estate, and software industries to name a few—supporting brand strategy development, simplified messaging, and integrated campaigns. Her passion for discovery in all aspects of life is translated both in her work and personal interests—like traveling, live music, good beer and old-time hockey.

With a positive attitude and a little Irish wit, she’s always up for taking on a challenge. Bri is confident that the best chapters of her own story have yet to be written, but she’s certainly happy with the intro.

Kelly LyonsSr. Relationship Manager

Kelly Lyons

A native New Yorker, Kelly’s family told her she could go to Boston on one condition: that she never, ever become a Red Sox fan. Well….let’s just say she stayed in Boston for a reason. Today, you can find her living the ideal Boston lifestyle: spending weekends along the esplanade, strolling the Commons, checking out the latest breweries, and relationship managing at Small Army. The only bit of New York that remains today is her extensive blazer collection. No, really. She has one in every color. It’s fine, though. Welcome to Boston.

Lindsay MillerAssociate Art Director

Lindsay Miller

Lindsay comes from the blustery and beautiful(?) town of Syracuse, NY. Graduating in 2015 with a degree in marketing from Emerson College, she worked as a designer for a baby gear company and furniture company before landing at Small Army. She can give you all of the advice on how to buy a sofa or a stroller as someone who has never purchased either. When she’s not working she enjoys rowing, baking, darkroom photography and buying too many houseplants. She also has a knitting company because you’re never too young to become a grandma. One day she hopes to name a Crayola crayon color.

Melanie CabralRelationship Director

Melanie Cabral

Melanie, AKA Mel, is a Southern California native who moved to the East Coast (Connecticut), where she singlehandedly started the “pogs” trend. After attending UMass Amherst, where she worked on a research grant studying television’s effects on children, Melanie graduated with a degree in Psychology and a passion for people, data, research, and media.

After moving back to LA, she found her “destiny” working in Account Services at a mid-size agency. Here she was mentored by the best, learned everything she could about advertising, media, and relationship management. She’s continued her career in advertising, working for brands such as Red Bull, Staples, Trojan, and Cox Communications.

She is enjoying her peeps, clients, and work at Small Army, where she often brings her dog Ellie, noted as one of the cutest dogs in the world.

Brendan O'BrienAssociate Creative Director

Brendan O'Brien

Brendan grew up on the salty shores of Cape Cod, always dreaming of what lay beyond the treacherous mainland bridge. Early one morning, a mysterious fishing vessel known as the Pequod II sailed into port with a crew of surly fishermen, led by their fearless captain known as Ahab. Enchanted by their tall tales of the open ocean, Brendan joined the uncharted expedition in search of a ship-destroying sea monster. Early one morning, without notice, the Pequod II and her crew were nearly swallowed whole by a vengeful white whale. Brendan regained consciousness a few days later, floating on a piece of driftwood in the southern Atlantic. The epic saga was detailed in a book deal that went south due to a “striking” resemblance to Melville’s 1851 novel.

Unable to tell his own story of that fateful expedition, Brendan was determined to help others tell theirs. After finishing school, he became a freelance writer and content director, following his work from Hawaii to Central America alongside media agencies, filmmakers, and journalists. He landed back in Boston circa 2010, where he began working on brands like IBM, Puma, Timberland, and Fidelity.

Today, when he’s not writing from the sunny Back Bay offices at Small Army, he can be found at one of New England’s many surf breaks, still scanning the horizon for that fabled white whale.

Jill PachecoArt Director

Jill Pacheco

Jill has a lot of cats and they all play a vital role in her personal war against winged creatures.

You see, when Jill was in college at MassArt she encountered a terrifying evil that haunted her to her core. This encounter set her down a path of which she cannot and will not change course.

Walking from her last class of the day Jill felt a coldness emanating from a nearby pond. Her pace quickened as she spotted the goose scowling atop a gnarly, moss covered rock. The bird’s dead black eyes locked with hers, instantly, she felt the evil in its heart. Jill tried to run, but the area was blanketed with putrid beast droppings, making her movements futile.

Now a honking horror, snapping at her legs. She cried out, “Why did I wear this denim skirt? Of all days, why today?” Then she met the beast face to face. Eye to eye with pure unfiltered hatred. She blinked hard and tried her best to be brave as demonic wings moved the air around her. Desperately, she called for her cats. “Where are you my pretties! Save me!” she sobbed. She felt the darkness coming to devour her.

But darkness would not consume Jill that day. Like a warm sunbeam on the living room floor of her soul, her cats had found her. The goose was slayed. From that day on she made a verbal contract with her felines. She’d always care for the them and their kin and also she’d never be caught without the proper amount of denim again.

Casandra ParkhurstSr. Relationship Manager

Casandra Parkhurst

Meet CaSandra. Like John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction, she likes herself a damn good cup of coffee—but she’d never understand that reference because she doesn’t like movies. Don’t worry, though. We forgive her because she excels in many other ways! She began college at BU as a biomedical engineer and finished with a business degree and a law concentration. She then went to work in real estate for a bit, all before coming here to work with us. She can cook, she can bake, she can run, she can kayak, and she can manage client relationships with great skill, too. Quentin Tarantino’s action-filled take on her exciting story comes to theaters this June. Which is a shame because she’ll never watch it.

Lindsey RosenblattAssociate Copywriter

Lindsey Rosenblatt

Originally from Los Angeles, Lindsey Rosenblatt ditched her part-time mermaid lifestyle to experience seasons and eat lobstah rolls. She fell in love with Boston (and advertising) during her time at Boston University and is beginning her career in copywriting at Small Army. When she’s not writing and sipping overpriced iced coffee, you can find Lindsey gawking over the latest restaurants in Boston, baking chocolate chip cookies, skiing the slopes in Colorado, or re-watching New Girl.

Katie RyanAssociate Relationship Manager

Katie Ryan

Despite spending the first 21 years of her life in Maine, Katie has been camping just one time (when she had to as a mandatory part of Colby College’s orientation) and hasn’t skied in 10 years. However, she did take away a penchant for drinking iced coffee year round (is there any other way?) and a high standard for lobster rolls. While in Maine, Katie interned for a small agency in Portland that sparked her interest in marketing.

After college, Katie headed to Boston to continue drinking iced coffee in below freezing temps. After three years working in the arts, she found her way back to advertising and joined the Small Army Team as an Associate Relationship Manager. In her free time, Katie can be found running on the esplanade, watching true crime documentaries, or taking on short-lived craft projects that never get finished.

Magic "Matty" SassoSenior Art Director


A master of storytelling and digital illusion, Matt is a Class S Digital Conjurer, ranking in the top ten of the Adobe World rankings. Publishing online, embedded video, text animation in after effects, child’s play to a man of his caliber. There are tales he accidentally created Adobe XD while working a late night on a freelance project. The conjuror code dictates such programs must be handed over to the Adobe community, and Matt kept true to this tradition, for dishonoring the code is a immediate revocation of your Adobe license and banishment from all digital arts. His skills are many, but don’t dare call them tricks. For to say his skills fall in with the ordinary user is doing him a great disservice, even just one tale of his use of Indesign tables can cast a shadow on your entire career. Your knowledge is merely a blip in the universe of his vast, all-encompassing digital omnipresence. You can see his show weekdays at Small Army, between about 10am till 6.

Robert SchnepsRelationship Manager

Robert Schneps

Sarah SoucySr. Media Planner

Sarah Soucy

Wishing she was actually at the “Miracle on Ice” in 1980, Sarah is one of Small Army’s biggest sports fans. From hockey to football, odds are she watched the game last night. She can even quote the entire Herb Brooks speech if you asked her to (but please don’t). On top of thriving from the thrill of a good old underdog story, Sarah also lives for the fast paced agency atmosphere and working with clients across verticals to help them solve their problems.

As Sr. Media Planner at Small Army, she brings in-depth experience from media strategy to execution. She has worked on a variety of local, regional and national campaigns incorporating channels such as TV, radio, OOH, paid social, programmatic and more. Her strategic approach has translated to successful campaigns for companies within healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing, etc.

Matt St. PierreSenior Art Director

Matt St. Pierre

Having spent his formative years growing up in Sandwich, MA Matt cultivated a relationship with ham and other thinly sliced meats that is central to his core values. Daily, Matt will trek to the nearest market basket and acquire the finest cut of cured meats, Boar’s Head Black Forest Ham to be precise. This daily treat is what fuels his creative mojo and powers his every thought.

A machine may balance his sugar levels, but his thirst for salty paper thin sustenance, can only be remedied with one thing: Point two-five pounds of sliced swine, neatly folded betwixt two slices of the fluffiest squares of Wonder bread, and gently brushed with an olive oil based mayonnaise.

One man, one ham sandwich, and one project at a time is his motto.

Amy StaleyVP, Operations

Amy Staley

Amy has a very “colorful” background, but most recently she spent over 13 years as the Operations Manager for CA-based Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. (MDA), the inventors of Spinning®. With MDA, Amy worked closely with the executive team to develop and manage global marketing efforts; hire and manage a growing staff; participate in the development and coordination of global education material; manage trademark protection and policing; and take out the trash. She even helped open offices in the Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland as the company experienced global expansion. Every day was different—an environment that she loves—as they introduced the products to new customers and emerging markets.

At Small Army, Amy keeps another fast-moving ship above water and heading in the right direction. From finance and human resources, to vendor management and information technology, Amy has her hands involved in everything that keeps the agency moving forward.

In her spare time, Amy loves spending time with her gem of a husband and two terrific kids. She keeps her sanity by running as the sun rises.

Sam SturchioIntegrated Producer

Sam Sturchio
Sam grew up in Medfield, MA and after attending Colby College in Maine came back to her roots in the Boston area. Before joining the team at Small Army, she produced photo shoots on both the brand and agency sides and frequently stepped in as a parts model in a pinch – so be on the lookout for her hands and feet across Instagram.
Outside of work, Sam enjoys browsing the pen aisle at Blick Art Materials, picking up her CSA every Tuesday, long hikes, and baking to fuel her sweet tooth. She lives for spring skiing at Sugarloaf, regardless of the conditions.